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Tailor-made dog food, hand-blended based on your dog's nutritional needs, delivered to your door for free. Sign up for a no obligation trial with today.

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  • Freshly-blended, tailor-made dry dog food to meet your dog’s unique needs.

    Your dog is one of a kind, so why feed them generic one-size-fits-all food? We believe that every dog will be at their happiest and healthiest when fed food that is tailored exactly to their individual needs, so we get to know your dog before we create their ideal blend.

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  • Tails is giving away a FREE personalised dog food, made according to each dog’s needs. You don’t need to worry about deciding which food is right for your dog as do all the work; they even adjust it as your dog ages and provide a special portion control scoop which they deliver to your door.

    Click "Get It Now"  Breed-specific foods are already available; however, by going a step further and creating tailor-made food that is optimised for an individual dog they can provide the ideal nutrition based on all requirements and preferences.

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